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PAM and Istiqlal parties call for the release of individuals accused of Cannabis trafficking

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The Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) and Istiqlal have urged the government to include the names of individuals facing prosecution because of Cannabis trafficking in the royal pardon list, reports Arabic-language online newspaper Hespress.

In a question asked Monday, the Independence Party argued that detainees prosecuted for Cannabis trafficking «do not benefit from the royal pardon like other prisoners», noting that «others detained for committing abominable crimes benefit from the amnesty».

Noureddine Mediane, chairman of the Istiqlal parliamentary group, said while speaking to the Minister of Justice Mohamed Aujjar, that grace is «a right granted by the Constitution».

«Why is there a group of prisoners excluded, unlike murderers, and terrorists ?», he asked.

Meanwhile, PAM’s parliamentary group explained that «the suffering of farmers (cannabis farmers) continues», stressing that «vexatious complaints are lodged against these farmers which drives them to flee without being able to integrate into society».

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