Morocco’s army sets up a field hospital in Gaza

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Announced by a television report broadcasted by Al Ghad TV channel, Morocco’s army has set up a field hospital in Gaza.

The decision was taken in May, following the instructions of King Mohammed VI in an attempt to provide civilians in the Gaza strip with the necessary assistance.

The hospital will be managed by 97 people, including 13 doctors and 21 nurses. The facility contains 30 beds and 30 others that can be added in emergency cases.

«The blockade imposed on Gaza continues to kill Gaza patients for 12 years», said Al GhadTV’s journalist.

For the record, King Mohammed VI personally chaired, supervised and kicked off by the end of May in the Casablanca international airport, the operation to deliver humanitarian aid to the brotherly Palestinian people.

This operation includes the setting up of a field hospital of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), the granting of blankets and a batch of essential medicines, as well as the provision of food aid by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

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