Khadija’s Journey, a Moroccan documentary screened at the Arab House in Madrid

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After winning an award in 2017, Moroccan director Tarik El Idrissi’s third Documentary «Khadija’s Journey» is going to be screened tonight in Madrid, at the Arab House.

The screening comes to commemorate the World Refugee Day and will be followed by a colloquium held by Tarik El Idrissi and Ana Liria Franch, former representative of UNHCR in Spain.

The documentary sheds light on Khadija Al Mourabit’s journey. She was born in Amsterdam and her parents are from the Rif region. The film also questions the struggle of Moroccans living abroad when trying to melt in.

The documentary received an award at the Tangier National Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Women's Film Festival, and another Audience Award at the International Documentary Film Festival.

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