Russia 2018 : An Al Jazeera journalist calls Moroccans colonized

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«Hiring a white coach won’t make you win, you colonized Moroccans», Tweeted Wednesday an Al Jazeera journalist, commenting on the Morocco vs. Portugal game held today in Moscow, Russia.

In her tweet, Yasmina Bennani who works for AJ+ France said that she regretted the fact that some «African countries» do not hire «local coaches», referring to former French footballer Hervé Renard who currently manages the Atlas Lions.

For the record, Morocco lost Wednesday to Portugal after Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal.

«I think it is too bad that almost all African countries do not hire local coaches», wrote the journalist.

Quickly after posting her controversial tweet, Yassmina Bennani deleted it, backtracking on her remarks. «I have deleted my tweet because it was misunderstood, I was not trying to offend others», she said. «But after losing (in front of Portugal) I wanted to criticize structures dominating football. I was not insulting players, nor Moroccan fans. We can debate without insulting each other», she added.

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