Hervé Renard says he is proud after the Atlas Lions’ game against Portugal

French coach Hervé Renard who manages the Atlas Lions./Ph. DR
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After the Atlas Lions were defeated by Portugal (1-0) in Moscow, French coach Hervé Renard who currently manages the Moroccan team said he was proud and angry at the same time, says Reuters.

«I’m very proud of the performance and I am very proud of my players, I’m very proud of this country», said the 49-year-old former footballer.

Renard pointed out that his side must have had a free kick for the way Portuguese player Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira ComM, known as Pepe, «crashed into Khalid Boutaib, who was guarding the front post for the corner that led to Ronaldo’s fourth minute leader», says the same source. 

«We deserved to win. We had five or six chances in the second half», he explained at the end of the decisive match and that kept Morocco out of the international tournament.

«We have quality players. Despite the ups and downs of the game, we should have been more effective. Because, like in the first game, we had plenty of chances. I won't blame anyone. That's football. It's always those who know how to be present in the box, the most gifted players, who make the difference».

Hervé Renard

Renard referred to winger Nordin Amrabat, hailing his good performance and strong determination. «He is a warrior. He wanted to play», said Renard, adding that he removed his protector «because his spirit is amazing».

He also commented on the way the medical team has reacted to Amrabat’s concussion during the game against Iran. Renard explained that it was not his job to decide on medical issues, reports the British news agency.

Although Morocco’s adventure in the 2018 Russia World Cup has reached an end after today’s game, Hervé Renard stressed that the Atlas Lions will «put on the same performance as today to go down with honor».

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