Spain : A six-year sentence for a Moroccan national affiliated to ISIS

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A Moroccan national who was arrested in Valencia a year ago for allegedly recruiting ISIS fighters and supporting the terrorist organization’s doctrine, was sentenced in Spain to six years in prison, says El Mundo.

Abdellah L., 52, was found guilty of forming a local autonomous cell in Valencia to spread ISIS’ propaganda. He had created 13 different profiles on social media and was followed by 22,597 people.

The investigation showed that the man, residing in Valencia, had developed «in a sustainable way the strategy and the terrorist actions of ISIS through spreading propaganda, and recruiting future fighters».

The court found that he «took advantage of his social media to monitor potential candidates, send anti-Semitic messages, glorifying terrorism and violence».

Judges are aware that the purpose of this citizen was to indoctrinate and recruit new people.

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