Spanish police arrest a Moroccan man over disappearance of a German student

A German student went missing in Germany and the police arrested a Moroccan man suspected of being involved in her disappearance./Ph. German police
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A forty-year-old Moroccan man was arrested in Spain for being allegedly involved in a German student’s disappearance, reports German online newspaper Die Freie Welt on Thursday.

«Investigators had issued an arrest warrant against one of the suspects, a 40-year-old Moroccan national who was arrested in Spain», says the same source. The victim is an activist from Ambert, a city in southern Germany.

She had left her house in Leipzig, last Thursday, to go see her family. «She did not want to take the bus and preferred to hitchhike», said the same source.

«She found a truck driver who agreed to drive her home. According to the police, it is the same blue and white Renault truck the Moroccan national was driving», added the German newspaper.

The suspect was on his way to Morocco when he was arrested by the police.

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