Hirak figure Nasser Zafzafi sentenced to 20 years in prison

Nasser Zafzafi sentenced to 20 years in prison./Ph. DR
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More than one year after his arrest, the Casablanca Appeal Court sentenced Hirak figure Nasser Zafzafi to 20 years in prison on Tuesday, 26th of June, reports Medias 24.

52 other Hirak detainees have received heavy sentences today in Casablanca for participating to demonstrations in the Rif region earlier last year.

Just like Zafzafi, Nabil Ahamjik, Ouassim Boustati and Samir Ighid received 20-year sentence.

The same court sentenced Mohamed Jelloul, Karim Amghar, Salah Lachkham, Achraf Yakhloufi and Bilal Ahabbad to 10 years in prison.

Meanwhile, Mohamed El Majjaoui, Chakir Makhrout, Rabii Ablak, Ilyass Hajji, Souleimane Fahili, Mohamed Hannoudi, Abdelali Houd and Ibrahim Abakoui to spend 5 years behind the bars.

Ibrahim Bouziane, Othmane Bouziane and Youssef Hamdioui were sentenced to three years in jail while other Hirak detainees received sentences, reaching two years in prison.

For the record, Nasser Zafzafi was arrested on May the 29th, 2017 for interrupting a Friday sermon at a local mosque in Al Hoceima. He was later accused of «threatening national security», transferredto Casablanca and held in prison since then.

Hirak is a popular movement that erupted after the death of Mohcine Fikri in October 2016. The latter was a fish monger who was crushed by a trash truck when trying to save his confiscated goodies. Following the incident, thousands of people took their anger to the streets of Al Hoceima protesting against marginalization, and corruption and demanding social justice.

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