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Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and UNICEF join forces in a new agreement

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The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) signed a memorandum of understanding to promote education and children's rights in Morocco, says a joint statement by the Foundation and UNICEF, received Friday by MAP.

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, represented by the members of its board of directors, Mohamed El Azami and Azeddine Benmoussa, and UNICEF, represented by the Fund's representative in Morocco, Regina Dominicis, have signed this agreement, which provides for the implementation of action programs aimed at strengthening the capacities of operators and local partners involved in promoting children's rights, the statement adds.

The two organizations have identified several areas of intervention for their joint action, namely improving children's health and nutrition, early childhood development, promoting basic education and adolescent development, strengthening skills in the field of child protection, the socio-economic integration of young people and the sharing of expertise, according to the same source.

For the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, this partnership is of great value because it is supported by UNICEF, a United Nations agency with proven experience and expertise in the field of children's rights. It will consolidate efforts made to date in favor of disadvantaged children by providing a normative framework for support and awareness programs, the statement points out.

«The agreement symbolizes the commitment of the two institutions to work closely and together to grow the seeds of quality services and strengthen protective measures that are both vital and sustainable», the same source says.

«We should all remember to put the most vulnerable children at the heart of everything we do and this partnership, of which we are proud, can serve as an inspiration», said de Dominicis, quoted in the statement.

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