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Hirak : Thousands rally in Casablanca to denounce the heavy sentences

A rally in Casablanca to denounce sentences against Hirak detainees./Ph. Mehdi Moussahim-Yabiladi
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Thousands of people took the streets Sunday, 8th of July, in Casablanca, denouncing the heavy sentences Hirak detainees were handed down by the city's Court of Appeals.

Several organizations, political parties, and trade unionists, including the Federation of the Democratic Left (FGD), the Democratic Way and the Democratic Confederation of Labour (CDT), participated to the march.

Protesters rallied from Place de la Liberté in Derb Omar, heading to Mohammed V square in down town Casablanca.

Political figures, journalists, human rights activists and the victims' families responded to the call launched a week ago, taking part in the march.

Protesters called for the release of all Hirak detainees, held for participating to the social unrest that started in October 2016, in Al Hoceima.

For the record, On June the 26th, 52 Hirak detainees were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 20 to 1 year in jail.

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