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Hirak detainee Rabii Ablaq suspends 42-day hunger strike

Hirak detainee Rabii Ablaq./Ph. DR
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Hirak detainee Rabii Ablaq who was convicted to 5 years in prison has suspended hunger strike, reports lawyer Asma Elouadie, a member of the Hirak defense committee.

«Rabii Ablaq finally responded to calls urging him to suspend his hunger strike, following a press conference held on Monday by the Hirak defense committee», wrote Elouadie in a Facebook post.

On the other hand, lawyer Mohamed Aghnaj who is also member of the Hirak defense committee, wrote that «Rabii Ablaq promised his lawyers to temporarily suspend the hunger strike».

For the record, Ablaq has been on a hunger strike for 42 days before deciding to put an end to his protest. He started the strike at first place to denounce the fact that the prison administration refused to let him «see his family».

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