A UN body refuses to accredit a pro-Polisario NGO

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The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) refused unanimously on Tuesday, 24th of July, to accredit a non-governmental organization supporting the Polisario, responding to a request submitted by the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, says MAP press agency.

In 2010, the NGO known as the International Bureau for the Respect of Human Rights in Western Sahara submitted a request to the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations in order to participate in meetings held by UN bodies.

Morocco informed members of the Committee about the motives of the Switzerland-based human rights organization. According to the same source, the NGO is a political body that campaigns against Morocco’s integrity and supports the separatist stance of the Front.

For eight years, members of the Committee have been looking into the NGO’s activities and decided to turn down its request.

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