Expelled from Morocco a year ago, a Spanish journalist sends a letter to Mustapha Ramid

Moroccan Minister of State in charge of Human Rights, Mustapha Ramid./ Ph.DR.
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In a letter relayed by El Pueblo de Ceuta, Spanish journalist José Luis Navazo who is also the publishing director of online newspaper Correo Diplomático, addresses Moroccan Minister of State in charge of Human Rights, Mustapha Ramid.

In his open letter, the journalist writes to «his dear friend Ramid» denouncing his «unexplained and surprising» expulsion from Morocco on the evening of July 25th of 2017. Navazo says he still does not know why he was expelled. According to him the measure was «drastic» and unfounded.

«Some Moroccan authorities told me, implicitly, that the expulsion was due to ‘national security’ purposes», he said in the letter. The day, José Luis Navazo was arrested, Spanish newspaper El Confidencial wrote that his platform is one of the few Spanish online newspapers that «covered the social unrest in the Rif region on a large scale». 

For the record, José Luis Navazo has been living in Morocco for 17 years, and is married to a Moroccan woman with whom he has two children of Moroccan nationality.

The father says that he rarely sees his family in Ceuta, urging the Moroccan authorities to allow his entry to Morocco.

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