Eid al-Adha : The Islamic Commission of Melilla seeks the help of the Minister of Agriculture

Spanish Minister of Agriculture Luis Planas./Ph. DR
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The Islamic Commission of Melilla has sent a letter to the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, urging him to reconsider the ministerial decree implemented as an emergency measure to ban the entry of Moroccan lambs because of the foot-and-mouth disease in the Maghreb countries, says Europe Press.

The Commission is hoping that the Spanish government allows Muslims to import 6 000 lambs from Morocco to Melilla on Eid al-Adha.

The federation of Islamic associations recalled that in November 2015, several animals in the Casablanca were diagnosed with the foot-and-mouth disease. In November the 19th, an emergency preventive measure was implemented, banning the importation of lambs coming from Morocco to the Spanish enclave.

However, the Commission believes that these measures are no longer necessary. The body that represents the Muslim community in the city argues that before making their way into Melilla, animals are subjected to medical checkups by official veterinary services, at the Beni Ansar border crossing.

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