A Canadian politician of Moroccan descent runs for election to help Muslim women

Provincial Election Candidate for the Quebec Green Party of Quebec, Aziza Dini, /DR.
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Aziza Dini is a 34-year-old politician who is running for the Quebec’s provincial election, scheduled for October. The Canadian citizen of Moroccan descent, who is a member of the Quebec Green Party (PVQ), is the first veiled woman to stand for election in the French-speaking province.

In a recent interview with the Belgian online newspaper La Libre, Dini says she is «proud» to be a veiled female politician in Quebec, stressing that one must «be careful with amalgams». She also said that she wants to change the Quebec society’s perspective on Muslim women.

«I got into politics to represent my fellow citizens and to make progress on our social projects, whether it is in terms of environment, education or health. My decision has absolutely nothing to do with religion».

Aziza Dini

She also rejects the idea, suggesting that wearing of the veil could restrain her political actions. «It's absolutely wrong», she says. «I am veiled and I am free. I am the portrait of a free veiled woman (…) I wonder who restricts the freedoms of others. Is it the woman who wears veil by choice or the person who wants to force her to remove it because he sees in it a symbol ?» she wondered.

In addition to Aziza Dini from the PVQ, the Quebec Solidaire party also has among its members a veiled woman candidate called Ève Torres.

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Date : le 05 septembre 2018 à 16h49
not the first, samira laouni moroccan was the first with ndp, ad now eve torres is in electtion in Qs