Alexandre Benalla is believed to be hired by French reality TV star Ayem Nour

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Filmed while beating protesters on May the 1st, Alexandre Benalla continues to make headlines in France. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron's former top bodyguard have reportedly found a new job and is currently in Marrakech. 

The information was revealed on an Instagram account dedicated to French reality TV stars. According to TvRealityFr, Alexandre Benalla was hired as Ayem Nour’s bodyguard, a former reality TV star and a TV host, as well as her son. The same source indicates that Ayem Nour «was reportedly seen Tuesday (July 30th) at the Paris-Le Bourget airport alongside Alexandre Benalla». Moreover, «they are believed to be in Marrakech by today».

French media immediately took up the information. While many others reported the information relying on nothing but «rumors». The magazine Public says that after their return from a trip to Corsica, Alexandre Benalla welcomed Ayem and her son «as soon as they got off the plane».

Two days later, French celebrity magazine Closer «confirmed the information», without putting forward any real evidence. Subsequently, Le Nouvel ObsFrance Soir and even some Swiss media platforms, such as 20 minutes, also took wrote about the same thing.

Moreover, the person who supposedly has hired Benalla is the multimillionaire Vincent Miclet, CEO of PetroPlus Overseas and Ayem’s ex-husband. The French entrepreneur is currently working on several projects in Tanzania, Morocco, Chad and Namibia.

Although Miclet and Nour have been seen several times together in Morocco, there is however no recent photo of the former couple in Marrakech. Their last trip to the city was back in June, when the family celebrated their son's two-year birthday.

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