MPs from the UK's Conservative Party annoyed by Boris Johnson’s burka comments

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British Politician Boris Johnson./Ph. DR

British politician Boris Johnson’s remarks on the full-face veil have angered members of his party. British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the former London mayor and former foreign Minister «has caused offence by saying that Muslim women who wear burkas look like 'letterboxes' or 'bank robbers'», reports the Guardian.

«Nobody is allowed to tell a woman how to dress», stressed May, referring to Johnson’s language.

Meanwhile, Sayeeda Warsi, member of the House of Lords who served previously as a co-Chair of the Conservative Party accused Boris Johnson of making «hate crime more likely».

In a Daily Telegraph column, published on August the 6th, Johnson said that Muslim women wearing burkas «look like letterboxes», describing the full-face veil as «ridiculous».

The politician has been highly criticized for his comments. Tory peer lord Mohamed Sheikh, called for «party whip to be withdrawn from Boris Johnson».

On the other hand, Sonia Purnell, who wrote Johnson’s biography commented on headlines about the politician’s latest burka remarks indicating that «he’s scoring the bullseye – we are all talking about a Boris Johnson yet again». For her, he is just seeking attention with his use of words.

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