Two Moroccans arrested in Spain for sexually assaulting a British tourist

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The beach where the facts occurred is particularly popular among surf lovers. / DR.

Two young Moroccan nationals were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a British tourist in the seaside resort of Playa de las Américas, located on the island of Tenerife in the archipelago of Canaries, police sources told Spanish news agency Europa Press. One of the two young men is in an irregular situation.

The victim first met one of the two suspects on Saturday 4th, and went out with him the next day to a nightclub; he then came with a friend.

During the evening, the two youngsters found a hidden spot on the beach in search of intimacy, while the two were having a sexual intercourse, the other individual approached them. The British tourist then wanted to end it but the two Moroccans forced her.

The beach where the incident occurred is particularly popular among surf lovers. It was actually two surfers, including a police officer, who gave the alert after hearing the young woman’ screams.

The abusers quickly left after realizing that they had been spotted, but the two surfers managed to stop them until the arrival of the security brigade officers.

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