Amine Bendriouich’s unisex designs featured in Vogue Magazine

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Amine Bendriouich, a Moroccan designer./Ph. DR

Moroccan designer Amine Bnedriouich is designing unisex clothes «a la Marocaine», says prestigious fashion magazine Vogue US on Wednesday.

Indeed, pieces made by Bendriouich do not take gender into account. «I create for the world … for free-spirited people who see the world as one», he told Vogue.

Explaining his way of doing things, Amine Bendriouich referred to a story that involved the prophet, Islam and poverty. «There’s this story in the Sunnah [a book recording the life of the prophet Muhammad] about a man and wife so poor they only owned one piece of cloth», he recalled. «If he had to go out to the mosque, his wife would stay home unclothed until he came back. She would then wear the same cloth to the mosque upon his return», said the young artist.

For Bendriouich, it doesn’t matter what we are wearing today, as long as we like it and feel it represents us.  

Discovered through the adventure «Hmar or Bikher» - several series of humorous t-shirts diverting the logos of famous brands – the stylist managed to build himself a career.

He is considered as one of the pioneers of the new Moroccan creators’ wave, collaborating with Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj, American painter Kehinde Wiley and other big names in the music industry such Keziah Jones and Massive Attack.

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