Morocco's Miss Universe Nouhaila lmelki accused of killing two teenagers in a fatal car accident

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Miss Universe of the World Nouhaila Lmelki./Ph. DR

Nouhaila Lmelki, a 20-year-old Moroccan woman who was granted the title of Miss Universe the World 2018 in Lebanon, has been imprisoned as she awaits trial for killing two homeless teenagers in a fatal car accident in Marrakech on Saturday, says Alyaoum24.

Speaking to security sources, the Arabic-language newspaper stated that the young woman crashed into a tree, driving under the influence of alcohol. Two homeless people were sleeping under the tree, Lmelki hit with her car, which led to their immediate death, added the same source.

According to Alarabiya English, Nouhaila Lmelki was held in prison since Sunday, after being interrogated by the police. The court of first instance in Marrakech refused to grant her temporarily release.

The same source reports that on Tuesday, 11th of September, Lmelki was charged with «murder and excessive speeding». 

Quoted by Alarabiya, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights in Marrakech, stated that the accident took place in the «early hours of Saturday at Boulevard Prince Moulay Abdellah». 

For the record, Nouhaila Lmelki is a Marrakech-native makeup artist, she was named Miss Universe of the World in 2018 in Lebanon.

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