86 unaccompanied minor migrants from Morocco arrived in Melilla in August

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Melilla’s minister of Social Welfare Daniel Ventura announced, Wednesday 12th of September, that 86 unaccompanied minor migrants from Morocco entered the autonomous city during the month of August, says Europa Press.

The largest group to arrive in Melilla was composed of twenty people who managed to enter the city through land borders, said the Ministry of Public Security in a report is handed over to the Ministry of Social Affairs.  

The second largest group of minor migrants included 15 children who carried Moroccan IDs, and who entered the city with a parent or another individual.

Daniel Ventura referred to five other minors who entered Melilla by hiding inside vehicles, including trucks. The Minister of Social Welfare said that four unaccompanied minor migrants arrived in Melilla, swimming from the Moroccan shores after they paid someone.

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