Illegal immigration and drug trafficking networks work together, says Mustapha El Khalfi

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Government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi./Ph. DR

There is a collusion between drug trafficking networks and those of human trafficking and illegal immigration, said, on Thursday in Rabat, Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, spokesperson of government Mustapha El Khalfi, underlining Morocco's firm determination to fight these phenomena.

In 2017, Morocco foiled more than 65,000 illegal immigration attempts, which involved mainly sub-Saharans, he said at a press conference after the weekly cabinet meeting, noting that the Kingdom has adopted choices concerning the regularization of the situation of immigrants, which have benefited over 50,000 individuals.

In this regard, the official noted that the action by the competent authorities is governed by the law, stressing that in the event of a problem or breach of the law, the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) and the concerned government sectors will deal with it.

Morocco has also worked, in coordination with the International Organization for Migration, to ensure the voluntary return of immigrants to their countries of origin, he added, noting that regarding other operations taking place in the national territory, they are conducted in strict compliance with the law and that the CNDH was a partner in the implementation of the new national policy on immigration.

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