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Naomi Watts celebrates her 50th birthday in Marrakech

The birthday party of British actress Naomi Watts in Marrakech, Morocco./Ph. Instagram
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After Madonna, British actress Naomi Watts also chose Marrakesh and Morocco to celebrate her 50th birthday. According to online newspaper The Sun, the actress of «Diana» and the horror film «The Ring» celebrated her birthday in the kingdom, with «sunset camel rides and candle light dinner».

Accompanied by her family and friends «in glamorous and exotic Morocco, the English-born Australian actress was overjoyed to celebrate turning 50-years-old».

Wearing a sequined caftan, Naomi Watts shared moments of her big day on social media. «Pure Joy», she wrote, sharing a picture of herself under the setting sun.

She also shared a photo of a camel caravan and the walk of her friends, saying she «will never forget that night».

Born in Shoreham, UK, before emigrating to Australia with her parents and older brother, photographer Ben Watts, the star of «King Kong» also said, in one of the photos shared, that she feels «very lucky to share an amazing experience with a lot of [her] favorite friends».

The Sun said that Australian actress Nicole Kidman was also in Morocco to attend the birthday party.

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