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Mohamed Yatim gives his version of the story on his love affair in Paris

Photos of Minister Mohamed Yatim and his "fiancée" in a night out in Paris./Ph. DR
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Employment and Vocational Training Minister Mohamed Yatim was interviewed by Arabic-language newspaper Al3omk, giving his version of the story on the photos published last week on social media featuring him and a woman holding hands in Paris.

Yatim stressed that the young woman who was with him is his «fiancée». According to the same source, the couple traveled to the French capital and each one of them had a separate room, when staying in the city. «I was in Paris to head an activity related to the party», explained the PJD minister.

The Minister says he met his fiancée just to «have dinner at a restaurant. Her family knew about our date». Yatim added that he accompanied her back to «the place where she was staying because it was dark». According to the minister, his trip to Paris dates back to Ramadan.

For the record, photos of the minister with his «fiancée» were leaked to the internet last week, creating a wave of criticism. The minister was slammed by internet users for dating a woman that did not wear Hijab, which was contrary to his former believes as an Islamist politician. 

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