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The Royal Navy rescues 112 migrants near Al Hoceima shore

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The Moroccan Royal Navy intercepted on Sunday, 30th of September, two small boats in two different operations near Al Hoceima, says EFE.

The two boats carried 112 migrants, mostly from Mali and Mauritania who were trying to reach the Spanish coast, security sources told the Spanish press agency.

The Royal Navy, based in Nador, located shortly before 7 am a boat that was transporting 57 migrants, including a minor migrant and three women, ten miles away from the Sidi Abid beach.

The boat was almost sinking before the authorities intervened and rescued the migrants. One hour later, the Royal Navy vessel intercepted another boat that was carrying 55 people, mostly from Mauritania.

EFE explains, quoting various NGOs, that Morocco «expelled 6 500 sub-Saharan migrants to their countries of origin» only this year.

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