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Wanted in Morocco, Said Chaou might be extradited by the Netherlands

Moroccan former MP Said Chaou./Ph. DR
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Moroccan-Dutch national Said Chaou might be extradited to Morocco after a court in Breda, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, couldn’t maintain the decision, reported Dutch online newspaper Bode on Tuesday.

The Public Prosecution Service appealed the decision pronounced on February the 22nd which suggests that Said Chaou could not be extradited to the Kingdom. According to the body of public prosecutors in the Dutch criminal justice system, the court has wrongly assumed that the former Moroccan MP would not receive a fair trial.

However, the Dutch court suspected that Chaou’s co-defendants were «tortured and treated in an inhuman manner that they had to say things that were used as evidence against» him.

For the record, Morocco has requested the extradition of Chaou who is accused of heading a criminal network, and getting involved in international drug trafficking.  

Now the Public Prosecution Service believes that Said Chaou can still secure a fair trial in Morocco if he can argue that the statements against him were obtained in an incorrect way. Moreover, the body finds it «unjust» that the court refused at the beginning to extradite the defendant.

Now, Said Chaou’s extradition file will be dealt with by the Dutch Supreme Court. It is, however, not known when the court will be issuing its decision.

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