Tow Moroccan nationals travel from France to China, riding hand-made bicycles

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Two Moroccan nationals have successfully met the challenge of reaching the south of China using solar tricycles. S, 50, and Mohammed Said Al-Jabbari, 37, have accepted the challenge initiated by a French association called The Sun Trip. Their objective was to travel to China on bikes powered by solar energy.

The journey of the two Moroccans was officially launched on September the 25th from Lyon, to Guangzhou (southern China).

They crossed several countries, including Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, to finally arrive in China after a long journey of about 13,000 kilometers.

Youssef Al-Hawas, inventor and designer of the solar tricycle dubbed Ibn Battouta, says that some stages have been difficult, given the changing weather conditions from one region to another, and the state of roads and infrastructure in some areas.

«At the beginning, there were 42 participants, four of whom had bicycles designed and handcrafted. Along the way, only our bike and that of a Czech participant were able to continue the adventure», he said.

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