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Commercial borders : Imbroda encourages the signing of a friendship treaty with Morocco

Melilla president Juan José Imbroda./Ph. DR
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Last week the Coalition for Melilla (CpM), a political party in the North African exclave of Melilla, suggested that Morocco and Spain should sign a new Treaty of Friendship, Good-neighborliness and Cooperation. Commenting on the initiative, Melilla’s president Juan José Imbroda encouraged the proposal, urging the ruling party in Spain to negotiate the signing of the treaty with Morocco, reports El Faro de Melilla.  

For Imbroda the project is a way of pushing Rabat to reopen commercial borders near Melilla, which has been closed since August.

«The central government has to impose itself through historical rights. Moreover, Morocco is a country that is allied to Spain and Melilla is Spain», said Imbroda.

The latter stressed that CpM and Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) must collaborate to work on the project. He took the opportunity to denounce the situation in Melilla after the closure of commercial borders.

«Borders’ closure has done a great damage to the future of Melilla», said Imbroda, accusing the central government of not trying to solve the problem.

On Wednesday, October the 10th, Coalition for Melilla (CpM), a political party in the North African city that was formed shortly before the 1995 municipal regional elections, has submitted a solution to the current crisis between Rabat and the enclave.

Mustapha Abderchan, leader of CpM, suggested in a press briefing that a new Treaty of friendship, good-neighborliness and cooperation must be concluded between Morocco and Spain. The agreement Abderchan is talking about is similar to the one signed between the two countries on 4th of July 1991 and published on the Official Bulleting on June the 12th, 2012.

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