Spain : An Andalusia party wants to include the Rif in its «republic»

Pedro Ignacio Altamirano, founder of AN./Ph. DR
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Pedro Ignacio Altamirano, the founder of the Andalusian National (NA), an Andalusian nationalist independentist and socialist political party in Andalusia (Spain), revealed in a show broadcasted by Spanish channel TV3 his party’s intention of creating a republic that would include, Andalusia, Portugal’s Algrave and Alentejo and the Moroccan Rif region.

Although the Rif is not connected geographically to the Iberian Peninsula, Altamirano bases his project on aspects related to culture, language, cuisine, poetry and socio-cultural factors.

Including the Rif as part of his potential «republic», is not a way of «invading Morocco or Portugal», he said last year in an interview broadcasted by the same channel. «We are just sharing our project in case Andalusia breaks free from Spain».

Regarding the northern region of Morocco, Pedro Ignacio Altaminaro said that «with all that is happening in the Rif, where we have a delegation, people are looking forward to breaking free from Morocco to join Andalusia». «It sounds crazy but it’s the truth», he added.

Last year and during the commemoration of Andalusia’s first national day, the far-left political party announced that it is planning to organize a referendum showing its support for people’s right to self-determination and declaring Andalusia’s independence «on social media».

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