17 Hirak activists receive prison sentences in Al Hoceima

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The Criminal Chamber of Al Hoceima’s Appeal Court sentenced on Tuesday, 30th of October, 17 Hirak activists to prison sentences. These activists protested, in June, against the conviction of leading Hirak figures in Casablanca.

Speaking to Arabic-language online newspaper Hespress, Hirak lawyer Abdelmajid Azeriah said that four people from the same group were sentenced to four years in prison. Another activist was sentenced to six years in prison, while seven others received a three-year prison sentence.

These activists were arrested on the 26th of June while protesting against the heavy sentences handed down by the Casablanca Appeal Court to Hirak figures, including Nasser Zefzafi.

Their lawyer also stated that they have been prosecuted for several counts, including «putting barricades in roads, and throwing stones on the authorities».

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