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The German Federal Intelligence Service slams a migrant smuggling network operating in Morocco

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Focusing on the route between Morocco and Spain, a recent report conducted by the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) indicated that this way is used by migrants’ smugglers. Released on Tuesday, November the 6th, the document shows that these trips are «led by 20 people from a group that helps African migrants get to Spain for more than a year and a half».

Unzensuriert explains that these smugglers have a monthly objective which is based on helping fifteen migrants cross the borders to Spain. According to the same source, «this criminal network has a schedule for its services». «For three attempts a migrant is expected to pay 1,000 euros, he or she should add 2,000 euros once in Spain», says the same source.

The same report stressed that «when a migrant loses his or her life trying to reach Spain the money is given back to his or her family». The network helps also migrants wishing to enter Melilla.

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