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Italy : A Moroccan national murdered in a satanic ritual

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Fifteen years after her disappearance, I.L, a Moroccan-Italian national, was identified through a DNA test done on bones. The woman went missing when she was 32 years old while she was planning to travel to Prato in the Tuscany region.

According to Il Corriere della Sera, the remains of her body were found three years later, hidden in plastic bags near a highway in the municipality of Barberino del Mugello.

It took 12 years to figure out that the bones found in Barberino del Mugello are hers, thanks to a DNA test. According to an Italian court, the woman was killed in a satanic ritual.

Z. C., the victim’s mother told media that she saw her daughter for the last time on June the 27th, 2003, in their home in Montecatini. I.L. had decided to go see her husband in Prato, despite her mother’s refusal, giving the fact that the man was a drug dealer and addict.

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