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The Royal Navy to purchase two Beechcraft Super King Air 350ER

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The Royal Moroccan Navy is receiving two Beechcraft Super King Air 350ERs in the coming weeks. The manufacturing of the two aircrafts was entrusted in 2016 to Texton Aviation. Delibvered last May, they were immediately transferred to France, where they were custamized at the Toulouse-based aerospace company, says Spanish-language online platform Defensa.

The purchasing of the two aircrafts will reinforce the Moroccan Navy’s fleet composed of mainly three Eurocopters AS565 Panther, bought in December 2001.

The two American Beechcraft Super King Air 350ERs will be used exclusively to surveille the Kingdom’s maritime borders.

Defensa says, moreover, that the Moroccan Air Force already has several Beechcrafts, 100/200/300/350. It stressed that the new Beechcraft Super King Air 350ER will operate from the Salé military base.

A Beechcraft Super King Air aircraft can cost around 4 million euros, and additional fees are added for custamizing it to maritime surveillance.

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