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Actress Melissa McCarthy questioned by the US Customs for her obsession over Moroccan rugs

American actress Melissa McCarthy./Ph. DR
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American actress, writer and producer Melissa McCarthy has a serious problem with Etsy, an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, which made US Customs question her suspicious relation with Morocco, reports The Wrap.

Interviewed by American host Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, the Emmy Award winner said that her obsession over Moroccan rugs was almost putting her in trouble.

After reviewing her purchasing history on the website, McCarthy realized that «it was truly like what they make on a crime network … like, that means I’m crazy».

«I actually got a letter from Customs that they wanted to know what my involvement was with Morocco», she revealed.

After moving to a new house with her husband, the actress started buying online vintage items and Moroccan goodies, which made the American Customs suspect her links with the North African Kingdom.

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