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After tying the knot, an American actress sells Morocco as a wedding destination

American actress and interior designer Genevieve Gorder./Ph. DR
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American actress and interior designer Genevieve Gorder, who is currently the host of Stay Here on Netflix, was invited to a TV show where she encouraged Americans to host their weddings in Morocco.

Gorder who held her own wedding in the middle of the Sahara in the Kingdom, was happy to share her experience in a video published on the 2nd of November. «We took fifty people and we went to Marrakech and we had one hell of a party», said Gorder referring to the wedding.

The actress used local furniture for her wedding, such as rugs and Moroccan cushions. «We built this setting in the middle of the desert, it was just layered rugs», she told the host. For the food, the American actress used the spices and ingredients of the region in addition to dried flowers to hold while standing next to the groom.

And to encourage her friends and other people interested in Morocco to visit the country, Gorder wondered why so many people have Morocco on «their bucket list» but still «99% of them had never been there».

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