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Podemos criticizes Pedro Sanchez's visit to Morocco

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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is expected to visit Morocco on Monday, November the 19th. This visit has been criticized by the Podemos. It «legitimizes illegal occupation of the Sahara for 43 years», Diego Canamero, a member of the political party, told reporters on Saturday during a demonstration in favor of the Polisario. «No government in Spain is allowed to legitimize what Morocco is doing in the Sahara», he added.

MEP Miguel Urban, from the same party, shared the same idea. He has even allowed himself to tell Sanchez about the subjects he must discuss with Moroccan officials once in Rabat, referring to «human rights and the Sahara».

In more of a diplomatic tone, Ciudadanos MP Fernando Maura, who attended the same event, said that the Sahara issue must be one of the topics to be discussed by Morocco and Spain.

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