The Netherlands offers an award for information leading to arrest two Moroccan criminals

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A Dutch court is offering €100,000 award for information leading to arrest the two Moroccan criminals behind the Café La Crème shooting, which took place in Marrakesh on November the 2nd, 2017. The Dutch authorities have issued an arrest warrant against Redouane T. and Said R., two Moroccan-Dutch men known for leading the Moroccan maffia, dubbed Mocro-mafia in the Netherlands.

«Authorities are looking for two suspects with the help of Europol», said the Dutch Prosecutor’s office, quoted by RTL Nieuws.

According to Dutch investigators, Redouane T. and Said R., have been on the run for years using different IDs to escape authorities. According to Mick Van Waly, a journalist who works for De Telegraaf, Redouane T., is the one who ordered the café La Crème shooting.

On October the 2nd, a raid, conducted by the police in Nieuwgein, Utrecht, Tiel and Vianen, led to the arrest of seven people connected to the above-mentioned suspects.

For the record, in August, Morocco arrested the two brothers of Redouane.T, who were accused of providing help for the two men behind the Marrakesh shooting.

The two brothers took orders from their brother residing abroad, indicated the General Directorate for National Security (DGSN).

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