Morocco ranked third in North Africa by the Military Strength index

Moroccan military is among the strongest military powers in North Africa, according to the Military Strength Ranking. The latter indicates that the Kingdom relies on a mix of old and new equipment and employs several hundred thousand active and reserve personnel on call. 

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Moroccan military./Ph. DR

Morocco is ranked 55th by the 2018 Military Strength index which studied the military powers of 136 countries around the world.

The Kingdom’s military strength is positioned 3rd in North Africa, after Egypt 12th and Algeria 23rd. Morocco is ranked 6th in the Arab World in a list headed by Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria.

The country’s military strength is superior to the one of the United Arab Emirates 65th, Yemen 66th, Libya 74th, Jordan 76th, Tunisia 77th, and Oman 79th. In Africa, Morocco is ranked 7th, behind South Africa 33rd, Nigeria 43rd, Angola 48th, and Ethiopia 51st and ahead of Sudan 70th and Congo 75th.

According to the Military Strength Index, the Moroccan military uses a «mix of old and new equipment while having several hundred thousand active and reserve personnel on call».

Manpower, equipment, and aircrafts

Indeed, the country has 17,000,000 men who are available to serve in military, 14,406,000 fit-for-services and a total military personnel of 373.000. Morocco’s FAR employs 198,000 active personnel and has 175.000 reserve personnel.

When it comes to equipment, the country has a total aircraft strength of 284, including 56 fighters, 116 aircrafts used for transport and 80 trainers. The country owns 130 helicopters, 1,238 combat tanks, 2,348 armored fighting vehicles, 448 self-propelled artillery, 192 towed artillery, and 72 rocket projectors.

The report indicates that the North African Kingdom has 121 naval assets, 6 frigates a corvette and 22 patrol vessels.

Morocco allocates a budget of $3,400,000,000 for its military and has more than $45,000,000,000 of external debt. Moroccan military has $22,970,000,000 of reserves of foreign exchange and gold in addition to $300,000,000,000 purchasing parity power.

Morocco fell in the ranking compared to the 2017 edition of the Military Strength index. The country was ranked 54th out of 134 countries. This year, it scored 0,9125 points.

For the record, the ranking was topped by the United States 1st, Russia 2nd, China 3rd, India 4th and France 5th.

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