Marrakech Film Festival : For Robert De Niro «arts celebrate diversity, origins and ideas»

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American actor Robert De Niro and film director Martin Scorsese at the Marrakech International Film Festival./Ph. Aissa Saouri (Le Matin)

The 17th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival was there to render homage to American actor Robert De Niro, by awarding him the Golden Star offred by the festival.

The event is also attended by Robert De Niro's traveling companion Martin Scorsese who was happy to hand the actor his award. The two stars had tears in their eyes while greeting one another in front of the festival's guests.

Accepting his honorary award at the Marrakech Film Festival from Martin Scorsese, De Niro called the latter his «friend, lifelong collaborator» and «one of the greatest blessings of (his) life».

While standing there, Robert De Niro highlighted the fact that «arts don’t respect borders (…), the arts celebrate diversity, origins and ideas».

«Look at us here tonight we’re enjoying films from 29 countries; we’re united in our love for films and our common humanity», he said.

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