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A Moroccan woman sends her husband to prison after faking domestic violence

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An Australian national was allegedly tricked by his Moroccan wife who sought the help of the police after faking the fact that she was beaten by her husband, says Australian online newspaper Weekly Times Now quoting Australian current affairs program «A Current Affair».

After eight months of marriage, Faisal who met his Moroccan wife on a Muslim dating site, realized that his partner was not there «for love». The Australian national contacted a lawyer and «emailed a visa migration professional» which angered his wife, says the same source.

Fearing divorce, the wife was caught on camera hitting her face after fleeing their apartment and turning to the police. «You think you are smart about me and you’re talking to lawyers. Now see what I do to you», said the angry wife.

Speaking to «A Current Affair», Faisal said that he was arrested by the police and charged with assault. The man had to pay his lawyer $20,000 to discover later evidence, showing that he did not hit his wife.

«I didn’t think she would go to that extent and go to the police after everything I did for her. and forget everything and just ruin my life», he told A Current Affair.

The Moroccan woman fled Sydney where the couple used to live and is staying elsewhere in Australia. Faisal is currently discussing with the Moroccan government the possibility of sending his wife back to the Kingdom.

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