Geneva «round table» : This morning’s session was held «in a serene atmosphere»

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The Moroccan delegation attending the Geneva round table./Ph. DR

At around half past eleven this Thursday, delegations from Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria and the Polisario, participating to the Geneva «round table» on the Sahara territorial dispute, concluded the first part of the working session on the «opportunities and challenges of regional integration».

An authorized source told Yabiladi, Thursday, that the meeting was held in a «serene atmosphere».

The second part of the working session will be resumed at around 1 pm. The afternoon will be devoted to examining the «next steps to be taken in order to relaunch the political process in Western Sahara».

The Geneva round table will be concluded this afternoon. By the end of the meeting, Horst Köhler will be hosting a press briefing and a communiqué will be released, summarizing the round table.

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