Banning Moroccan women from entering Kuwait is fake news, says its ambassador

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Kuwait./Ph. DR
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The information published by a Kuwaiti newspaper and reported by Moroccan media and social networks on the banning of Moroccan women from entering the Kuwaiti territory «is completely unfounded», said Kuwait's ambassador in Rabat, Abdul Latif Ali El Yahya.

This information is «completely wrong» and does not represent the official position of the State of Kuwait, Ali El Yahya told MAP, noting that «things are going normally and Moroccans, men and women, travel to Kuwait on a daily basis without any problem».

The statement by the Kuwaiti General Authority for Manpower concerns only the rules and lists that govern visits in general and does not target any age group or nationality, whether Moroccan, Tunisian or Lebanese, as alleged by the author of the article, the ambassador explained.

He also noted that Moroccan women, like «women of other nationalities», are welcome in Kuwait, provided they comply with specific standards governing work and tourism visits, or the reason for the trip.

The necessary legal procedures are under way against the journalist who wrote the article and the media that published it without verification, he said, regretting that this information had been widely reported by social networks in an «inconvenient manner».

The Kuwaiti ambassador stressed that any sovereign decision on this matter is made public through the State's formal channels, which represent its official opinion.

He also praised the level of Moroccan-Kuwaiti relations, adding that these long-standing ties are confirmed by the stances of the two countries and the distinguished links between the two Heads of State.

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