Global Migration Pact : Chile changes its mind in Marrakech

Rodrigo Ubilla, the subsecretary of the Chilean Interior Ministry./Ph. DR
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While a Chilean delegation arrived in Marrakech to adopt the Global Migration Pact, initiated by the United Nations, Chile changed its mind, reports online newspaper Tercera.

The three MPs from the Chilean delegation were surprised to know that their government was finally not going to adopt the pact. The information was announced by Rodrigo Ubilla, the subsecretary of the Chilean Interior Ministry, one day before the adoption of the Marrakech pact on migration.

«Our position is clear : we say that migration is not a human right, while countries have a right to set conditions for foreign citizens' entry», he said.

The South American country joins the list of other states that decided to boycott the Compact, including the United States, Belgium, Poland and Australia.

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