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Jawad Bendaoud convicted of threatening to kill a Friday 13 November attacks' victim

Jawad Bendaoud./Ph. Alain Jocard (AFP)
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Jawad Bendaoud was sentenced on Tuesday, December the 11th, to six months in prison by the Paris Criminal Court, says Agence France Presse (AFP).

Bendaoud was convicted of threatening to «kill» an individual who survived the Friday 13 November attacks. On the 5th of December, when he was tried for «housing terrorists», Bendaoud threatened Sahah Z., at the corridors of the courtroom, while she was with her lawyer Corinne Herrmann.

«I am going to kill you. You will see what I am going to do to you», he told the victim. Bendaoud denied all accusations, stating that he «never told her that [he] is going to kill her».

«This person wants to see me behind bars, because I was the landlord of the ‘jihadists’ and she is the victim», he said. Meanwhile, Sahar Z.’s lawyer, Didier Seban, said that Jawad Bendaoud «is afraid because he cannot control himself», adding that «his criminal record shows that he is violent».

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