Political parties in Ceuta and Melilla want to sign a new friendship treaty with Morocco

Mohamed Ali Callabas Secretary-General./Ph . DR
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In October, Coalition for Melilla, a political party in the North African enclave, called for the signing of a new treaty of friendship, good-neighborliness and cooperation between Morocco and Spain.

The same idea was adopted by the Caballas Coalition, a left-wing party in Ceuta.

Both bodies have agreed to share their project at the House of Representatives in Madrid to get the support of other MPs. The two parties are planning to meet with representatives from Podemos and the United Left, says a local online newspaper.

In Madrid, they intend to highlight the importance of the treaty which would take into consideration the issues of two cities.

The treaty would deal with «unilateral decisions taken by Morocco», said Mohamed Ali Callabas Secretary-General. The politician referred to commercial borders separating Morocco and Melilla, which were closed on August the 1st.

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