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Suspects in killing of two Scandinavian tourists pledge allegiance to ISIS in a video

The four suspects seated beneath ISIS flag./Ph. Twitter
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Four suspects in the killing of the two Scandinavian tourists near Imlil have pledged allegiance to ISIS in a video that was shared Thursday, December the 20th, on social media.  

Seated beneath a black flag that represents the «Islamic state», the four alleged terrorists told the camera that the self-proclaimed «Caliph», Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has «Moroccan soldiers». With a knife in the hand, one of the four men criticized Morocco and foreign tourists that he called «apostates».

The same person made fun of the Moroccan intelligence services and the efforts made by Morocco to fight against terrorism.

For the record, authorities in the Kingdom announced Wednesday, December the 19th, that one of the suspects belongs to a terrorist group. The three other suspects were arrested Thursday at a bus station in Marrakech before fleeing the city.

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