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Morocco denies circulation of images of passports believed to belong to Mauritanian Pres

Morocco's Foreign Affairs Ministry./Ph. DR
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Morocco denies the circulation by a Mauritanian citizen of images of alleged Moroccan passports supposed to belong to Mauritanian President, H.E. Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Thursday.

Moroccan authorities are aware of the circulation on social networks by Mauritanian national Mohamed Ould Bouamatou of images of alleged Moroccan passports, supposed to belong to the Mauritanian President and a member of his family, the ministry said in a statement.

The Kingdom of Morocco denies this base aberration, said the same source, adding that the preliminary investigations revealed that these so-called passports do not exist in the database of the competent Moroccan services.

Under the law, the Kingdom of Morocco will carry out a judicial investigation on this insidious act, it said, assuring that Ould Bouamatou, who is involved in this case, will be banned from accessing the Moroccan territory, without prejudice to any criminal proceedings that may be brought against him.

«The Kingdom of Morocco, attached to the strong historical ties between the two peoples as well as the fraternal and good neighborliness ties between the two brotherly countries, will not allow that its territory be exploited in order to undermine the stability of Mauritania or to attack its supreme institutions», the statement concluded.

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