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Imlil hosts a sit-in to support the families of Louisa and Maren

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Saturday in Imlil, in the Asni commune, a sit-in of solidarity was held to denounce the heinous murders that occurred last week in the region and took the lives of two Scandinavian tourists.

This sit-in was held on the 4th edition of the International Mountain Day. During this gathering, participants denounced violence, religious extremism and showed compassion for the families of the two victims.

Alice, a British national who has been living in Imlil for years, and who participated to the sit-in told MAP news agency that she is saddened by the tragedy. She insisted that she has always felt safe living next to the inhabitants of the region who are known for their warmth, generosity and hospitality.

«Those who committed this hideous act in a safe and secure country have nothing to do with Islam and tolerance», she said.

The sit-in was attended by the Wali of the Marrakech-Safi region Karim Kassi_Lahlou, the governor of the Haouz province Omar Tiouimi, the president of the region's council Ahmed Akhchichine and the director of the Moroccan National Office for Tourism Adil El Fakir.

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