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Spain launches a manhunt for a Moroccan national who could commit a terror act

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The US State Department issued a notice on social media warning Spain against a potential terror attack targeting Las Ramblas in Barcelona on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, reports local online newspaper Libertad Digital.

The Mossos Esquadra, the Catalan police has issued an arrest warrant against «a Moroccan national born in Casablanca who intends to commit a terror attack using a vehicle (like the one that took place on August the 17th, 2017) in Barcelona», says ABC.

The alleged attack is scheduled for Christmas eve, the same source added. Meanwhile, El Espanol gave more details about the suspect, who would be a bus driver named Brahim L.

For the record, a white van hit the crowds at Las Ramblas in Barcelona. A cell was then dismantled.

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