Hirak : Nasser Zefzafi calls the Riffian diaspora to rally for women in Brussels

Hirak figure Nasser Zefzafi./Ph. DR
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From his cell in the Oukacha local prison in Casablanca, Hirak figure Nasser Zefzafi called for the organization of a march to support Riffian women in Brussels on February the 16th, reports Dalil Rif quoting Zefzafi’s father.

The march is expected to show support for women in the region. Speaking to his father, Nasser Zefzafi said that «women in the Rif suffered from the Hirak movement, shame and ignorance». He also acknowledged that women were subjected to «repression».

Nasser Zefzafi is convinced that «free Riffian women have supported the Hirak movement in the Rif and in Europe».

The man invited the Riffian diaspora in Europe to «pay tribute to women through a march» scheduled for February the 16th in Brussels.

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